About Us

Getting the big shot for clients and their brands. It’s what we do. It’s what we love doing. It's what Jeff Sacks and his team have been doing for over 20 years. Jeff got his start in New York City shooting with some of the world’s biggest brands. Good times. Now he’s doing the same in Bucks County, just outside of Philadelphia, where he’s set up in his own 3500 sq. ft. fully-functioning studio. His studio is one of the most unique and creative work spaces in the North East. With a full kitchen and bath, make-up and wardrobe room, working wood shop and private client room. Jeff is surrounded by a talented team of die-hards who will do whatever it takes to help you get the big shots you’re looking for. Good times. Great shots.

The P in JSP stands for Productions, not just Photography. That means we are a full production studio. While most photographers will hire an outside casting agency, Make-up artists/Stylist or carpenters, not JSP. We love casting for the perfect talent, and do it all in-house. You'll be amazed with just who we can find for your next pharmaceutical of lifestyle shoot, no matter the body type or ethnicity. We have been working with the leading talent agency's in NYC and Philadelphia for many years. And JSP has the great ability for getting what you need when it comes to talent or that one-off set. We truly enjoy doing it!

The Team

  • Jeff Jeff
    Jeff Sacks is an advertising photographer, has been ever since his start with Howard Berman and Steve Bronstein in NYC. With a professional lifetime of over 20 years, Jeff knows how to make clients happy. If you have had the privilege of working with Jeff, you know this. He is not into name dropping, well, not too much. But you will never get an attitude or an ego when you're working with him, he's busy thinking about your job. He's all about making great images and making people happy.
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  • Erin Erin Make-Up Artist - Stylist - Production
    Erin is JSP's in house make-up artist and stylist. She has been in the "biz" for as many years as Jeff. She is one of the hardest working, organized and self starting people you'll ever have the pleasure of working with. Erin also is a NYC import, and has worked in front of a camera as long as behind it in production. Without Erin, Jeff would be lost... truly. She does all the booking of talent, a lot of the preproduction, shopping and cleaning at the studio. And with her years of experience, she is an enormous asset on set keeping things moving. She is as much at home with a make-up brush as she is with a screwdriver.
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  • Richie Richie Digital Tech - Assistant Production
    Richie is one of the best digi-techs in the country, hands down. He has been working on the JSP team for more then 8 years and he is Jeff's right hand man. Known as "Digi Richie", he is a bonafide Mac junkie, and will make even the most "got to have, up to date" tech geek jealous. Richie has worked with some of the biggest shooters in the country, all while being one of then most humble people you'll meet. He can easily catalog, render, color correct and move files, all while Instagraming and answering texts. And after you leave JSP's studio with your files, you'll realize just how good he is.
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  • Sam Sam Photo Assistant
    Sam is the newest and youngest addition to JSP's team. He is a graduate of Jeff's old "Alma mater," Antonelli Institute. He has been with the JSP crew for over a year now, and is very much at home. Sam also enjoys hiking and wet plate photography.
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  • Frank Frank Photo Assistant ­- Set Builder
    After being asked to leave Rochester Institute of Technology...don't ask...he graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Frank got his start working with a world class Architectural Photographer in Philadelphia. Don't let him fool you, he's as handy with the camera and computer as he is with the hammer, making him the JSP team's set builder as well as photo assistant. Frank's other interests are working as an Audio/Video Technician for some big names in the entertainment business and spending time with his new wife and 2 champion hounds.
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